The new latin "pasionaria"
singer-songwriter from Liège






Espace Saint-Mengold


Oscillating between new Latin song, folk and flamenco rumba, Nena draws her inspiration from the poetry of the great traditional singers and combines it with her love for bare songs with exhilarating Iberian rhythms.

Nicknamed “The little pasionaria” from an early age by her family, Nena was born in Seraing, by the Meuse, in a family of Spanish political exiles. The singer has rebellion in her blood from an early age, and it grows with her as well as her creative process. Her songwriting and musical compositions are marked by the rural Spain that her grandparents had to flee, and by those migratory tears. From the very first bars, you can smell the tortilla, the colour of the walls, the dried chillies and the ardour of endless family debates at the table.

Accompanied on stage by a number of well-known musicians from the Liège scene, Nena, with her show “La Raìz”, is bound to take your emotions by surprise. From poetic sorrow to exuberant joy, Nena’s intensity will leave a lasting impression.


Espace Saint-Mengold
Place Verte
4500 Huy


Nena Sanchez : voice, cuatro venezolano

Mohamed Dziri : guitar

Antoine Dawans : trumpet

Nicolas Pumas : double bass

Antoine Rotthier : drums, percussion


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