Fredy Massamba

Born in a working-class district of Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo, Fredy Massamba stands out for his strong, powerful voice, his commitment to defending African languages and above all, his ability to touch each and everyone’s heart. In Huy, he’ll be presenting his new opus, Trancestral, inspired by the joy of returning to his ancestral roots.

Ariel Tintar

ariel tintar

Ariel walks, finds a balance between the West and the Caribbean, at the confluence of French and Creole, at the crossroads of modernity and classicism, between the intimate and the universal. Formerly known as Ariel Ariel, he now uses his real first and last names to get closer to his core identity. He plays, produces, composes and sings in French and Creole, denouncing racism and the lies of the past. His five-track EP, Seconde Peau, brings together pop, acoustic, electronic, and draws on Ariel’s many travels (Martinique, France, Morocco…) to create his own unique sound.

Circlesong workshop “chant pour tous”

The Labophonique collective invites you to take part in a giant circlesong workshop. Popularised by Bobby McFerrin, the principle of the circlesong is based on an “almost” ancestral form of improvised singing in which a group of singers, placed in a circle, pass on one or more vocal patterns to each other. Come and experience this ephemeral creation as an active participant, guided by the members of the collective. Whether your singing voice is still a mystery to you, or whether you’re an opera singer, “Singing for all” events are always an opportunity to surprise yourself.

Maria Spyroglou Trio

Born in Brussels, Maria Spyroglou has always had a close connection with her Greek roots. Following in the footsteps of the great Roza Eskenazi, she immersed herself in rebetiko, the rebellious underground music born in the slums of Athens at the crossroads of East and West.