Carte Blanche to Akram Ben Romdhane

Akram Ben Romdhane

Akram Ben Romdhane is an oud player, classical and oriental violinist, composer and improviser. In this new musical creation, he explores the different aspects, morsels and fragments of his soul. He probes his own identity, weaving together the rich sounds of traditional Tunisian and folklore music with the complex nuances of classical and contemporary music.
The various pieces will reveal his personal story: memories of his childhood in Tunis, his studies in Paris, his life as a musician in Brussels. His music will also be a sound story of his inner journey, his internal struggles, his moments of dazzling happiness and his periods of profound doubt.
Music as a mirror of the soul, as a vehicle to ecstasy, as a way to connect to one’s subjectivity, to one’s deepest and hidden self: these are questions that are both infinitely intimate and highly universal.
Each year, a carte blanche is offered to an artist from the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. This artist sets up a new musical creation with the artistic team of his or her choice. This year’s carte blanche is supported by Playright+, Sabam for Culture, le Senghor and la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.


Three voices from different backgrounds, accompanied by percussion and a hurdy-gurdy, bring lots of fun to an intimate and refreshing show. Together they create polyphonic musical pieces based on anonymous songs, thus reinventing traditional Eurasian stories and celebrating the regional languages of France, Europe and the Middle East. Their sound is unique, woven from fine harmonies, drones, polyrhythms and unisons.
Éléonore Fourniau specialises in Kurdish and Anatolian music. Noémie Nael is a singer-songwriter of French songs. Luna Silva is a singer-songwriter of folk music of Anglo-Spanish origin.

La perla

La perla

This trio of musicians from Bogotá has been touring America and Europe for ten years, spreading the influence of Colombian Caribbean culture (bullerengue, cumbia, merengue, gaita, champeta criolla) with their deep voices and rockin’ drums. They incorporate their social concerns into their scores, denouncing political schemes, racial injustice and sexual discrimination. They’ll be setting the Place Verte stage alight on the first night.
To this day, they have collaborated with a range of international artists including Snarky Puppy, Nubya Garcia, Chinese Man Records… and continue to tour and share numerous stages while preparing a new album.