The encounter between Khordshid Dadbeh, tar and tanbur player (lute), and Lucie Lelaurain, flutist and duduk player, at the Codarts conservatory in the Netherlands gave birth to the Hamraaz duo in 2021. They share a love of the modal music with which they grew up with. Their music draws on the dynamic character of the duduk and the flute, and the rhythmic richness of the tanbur and the tar. The concert will feature musical compositions and traditional musical pieces from Iran and Armenia, reflecting two young active musicians in modern society.

Griff Trio

The mills of Statte are welcoming you in their flour workshop. The smell of grain and the industrial era is everywhere. What could be better than a bagpipe trio revisiting tradition in an avant-garde way for a musical morning? Under the slogan “Pipes but no kilts”, Griff Trio breathe new life into the most traditional of wind instruments, with their unique harmonies and irresistible rhythms. Their pipes and their bellows, along with their vocal chords, will take you on a journey beyond the traditional borders of bagpipe music.


Ethno is an international music exchange camp for young musicians which is organised in 40 countries. For ten days, young people from all over the world come together to share their traditional music and culture. We are honoured to welcome on our stage the result of this first musical adventure in Wallonia. Their performance will be the result of an intensive week of jam sessions and exchanges. Admire this young and wild group and enjoy their enthusiasm!