Ëda Diaz

Edä Diaz

Ëda Diaz explores traditional Colombian melodies, experimental pop and electronic productions, reflecting the different parts of her borderless identity. This frontwoman double bass player and singer of Franco-Colombian origin has learned to juggle languages, cultures and rhythms, straddling Paris and Medellín, the town of her paternal grandmother. Her double bass becomes the real link between the two continents, and she combines it with rhythms such as the bolero, the bullerengue, the vallenato, as well as samples.
Éléonore Diaz Arbelaez is part of the generation of Latin singers (Rosalía, La Chica…) who are giving Spanish-speaking pop a new lease of life through their musical experimentation.



Three musicians trained at the Korean University of Arts take tradition and unravel it, giving it a new, profound and dramatic form that will leave you breathless. After performing in some of the biggest venues in their native Korea, the Hilgeum trio is coming to Belgium to share its contemporary creations. The group’s music is set against the backdrop of the chaos of today’s world, in which string instruments (gayageum, geomungo and haegeum) try to find a way, a path, an answer.

Blue Mockingbirds ft. Leonie Evans

Six young Belgian musicians fascinated by the jazz of the ‘20s travel to New Orleans and share the streets and the stages with local musicians. The result is Blue Mockingbirds, a reference to the most jazz-mad bird in the United States, with the ability to imitate other birdsongs. The group tastefully composes and rearranges century-old gems in the New Orleans style they love so much. Add to that their encounter with the silky-smooth voice British multi-instrumentalist Leonie Evans (who will also play the washboard) and you’ve got a fun, unbridled septet that cultivates a love for the old school sound.