El Balcon

An explosive new wave Latin band from Quebec, El Balcón is a festive hurricane that bewitches and thrills everyone in its path. This concert, inspired by traditional Latin American tunes, will take you on a journey between frenzy and sweetness. A jarana, a requinto, a violin, a double bass, a cajón and a tarima accompany songs and acoustic harmonies.
You won’t want to miss their eccentric generosity and their love of asymmetrical rhythms. This festive cocktail never fails to get crowds of all ages dancing; El Balcón sows precious memories in its wake.

Blue Mockingbirds ft. Leonie Evans

Six young Belgian musicians fascinated by the jazz of the ‘20s travel to New Orleans and share the streets and the stages with local musicians. The result is Blue Mockingbirds, a reference to the most jazz-mad bird in the United States, with the ability to imitate other birdsongs. The group tastefully composes and rearranges century-old gems in the New Orleans style they love so much. Add to that their encounter with the silky-smooth voice British multi-instrumentalist Leonie Evans (who will also play the washboard) and you’ve got a fun, unbridled septet that cultivates a love for the old school sound.

Maria Spyroglou Trio

Born in Brussels, Maria Spyroglou has always had a close connection with her Greek roots. Following in the footsteps of the great Roza Eskenazi, she immersed herself in rebetiko, the rebellious underground music born in the slums of Athens at the crossroads of East and West.


Ethno is an international music exchange camp for young musicians which is organised in 40 countries. For ten days, young people from all over the world come together to share their traditional music and culture. We are honoured to welcome on our stage the result of this first musical adventure in Wallonia. Their performance will be the result of an intensive week of jam sessions and exchanges. Admire this young and wild group and enjoy their enthusiasm!