El Balcon

An explosive new wave Latin band from Quebec, El Balcón is a festive hurricane that bewitches and thrills everyone in its path. This concert, inspired by traditional Latin American tunes, will take you on a journey between frenzy and sweetness. A jarana, a requinto, a violin, a double bass, a cajón and a tarima accompany songs and acoustic harmonies.
You won’t want to miss their eccentric generosity and their love of asymmetrical rhythms. This festive cocktail never fails to get crowds of all ages dancing; El Balcón sows precious memories in its wake.


Oscillating between new Latin song, folk and flamenco rumba, Nena draws her inspiration from the poetry of the great traditional singers and combines it with her love for bare songs with exhilarating Iberian rhythms.Nicknamed “The little pasionaria” from an early age by her family, Nena was born in Seraing, by the Meuse, in a family of Spanish political exiles. The singer has rebellion in her blood from an early age, and it grows with her as well as her creative process.

Nana Benz du Togo

Nana Benz from Togo are five musicians who embody union and symbiosis, like the five fingers of a hand, striking instruments but caressing the planet. They have strong characters and they advocate ecology and voodoo (earth, water, fire, air and nature), with their fully recycled instruments, made from PVC pipes for David Kasanku’s “Gassed Pipe” or their grandmothers’ cooking pots to invent Toto’s “DIY Drums”. This set, filled with the energy of their ancestors, brings to life an organic groove bursting with infrabass and complex polyrhythms, enhanced by the formidable female electro-soul vocals of Lady Apoc, Izealedu and Parus Kekeli, and an old vintage Korg keyboard.


Elise Rens and Mathilde Dedeurwaerdere, playing the viola and the diatonic accordion, form a close-knit duo, offering a musical repertoire that blends with the travelling folk music. In the heart of the Convent, they will tell the story of Graine de perroquet, an unusual, poetic and biodegradable storytelling concert! An intimate moment to share with the whole family to travel, laugh or cry.
To this date, they have collaborated with a range of international artists such as Snarky Puppy, Nubya Garcia, Chinese Man Records… and continue to tour and share numerous stages while preparing a new album.


3’Ain is a vibrant trio combining trumpet, double bass and accordion in a creative repertoire of jazz and Middle Eastern music. Their name is unique, based on the Arabic letter ع which symbolises the encounter between Eastern and Western culture. It’s all there, in this encounter between two Belgian musicians and a musician from Aleppo, who rehearse in a room on the Port of Antwerp whose half-sea, half-industrial view will inspire their first album Scrambled Ensor (2023). This fresh and refined trio is characterised by gorgeous melodies, unfailing minimalism and a great pleasure in producing a sound that blends so well together.