The encounter between Khordshid Dadbeh, tar and tanbur player (lute), and Lucie Lelaurain, flutist and duduk player, at the Codarts conservatory in the Netherlands gave birth to the Hamraaz duo in 2021. They share a love of the modal music with which they grew up with. Their music draws on the dynamic character of the duduk and the flute, and the rhythmic richness of the tanbur and the tar. The concert will feature musical compositions and traditional musical pieces from Iran and Armenia, reflecting two young active musicians in modern society.


Elise Rens and Mathilde Dedeurwaerdere, playing the viola and the diatonic accordion, form a close-knit duo, offering a musical repertoire that blends with the travelling folk music. In the heart of the Convent, they will tell the story of Graine de perroquet, an unusual, poetic and biodegradable storytelling concert! An intimate moment to share with the whole family to travel, laugh or cry.
To this date, they have collaborated with a range of international artists such as Snarky Puppy, Nubya Garcia, Chinese Man Records… and continue to tour and share numerous stages while preparing a new album.


3’Ain is a vibrant trio combining trumpet, double bass and accordion in a creative repertoire of jazz and Middle Eastern music. Their name is unique, based on the Arabic letter ع which symbolises the encounter between Eastern and Western culture. It’s all there, in this encounter between two Belgian musicians and a musician from Aleppo, who rehearse in a room on the Port of Antwerp whose half-sea, half-industrial view will inspire their first album Scrambled Ensor (2023). This fresh and refined trio is characterised by gorgeous melodies, unfailing minimalism and a great pleasure in producing a sound that blends so well together.

Circlesong workshop “chant pour tous”

The Labophonique collective invites you to take part in a giant circlesong workshop. Popularised by Bobby McFerrin, the principle of the circlesong is based on an “almost” ancestral form of improvised singing in which a group of singers, placed in a circle, pass on one or more vocal patterns to each other. Come and experience this ephemeral creation as an active participant, guided by the members of the collective. Whether your singing voice is still a mystery to you, or whether you’re an opera singer, “Singing for all” events are always an opportunity to surprise yourself.